Swedish Application Details


Free Tuition Available till 2011

Over 41 Universities ready for 2010 Admission

Scholarship Opportunities for Africans !

(Sweden Government has postponed the Vote for Tuition Payment Bill till Autumn 2009(November)


One of my friends just gained admission into Lund University, Sweden to pursue his MBA starting from August 2009. . . . . Free tuition and Work/Study flexibility. After going through the processes and submitting his documents as requested, he was finally called for an interview at the Embassy; though the Consular almost gave him heart attack in Abuja. Yeah, he passed the interview. He presently sees me as his god just because he followed a simple instruction I gave him on how to secure his admission !

Are you ready to start your step by step approach to studying abroad?

Studying abroad has been the passion and prospect of many people but the problems they have are:

• The cost of tuition fee

• Maintenance and feeding fee

• Accommodation

• Work/Study

• Language barrier

• Visa denial

• Cost of traveling etc

You don’t need the whole money in this world to get rid of these problems. Just follow my step by step approach and see how easy it could be.

Over 41 Universities are receiving Applications for 2010/2011 (Free Tuition).

It’s better to start now when most people are not privy to this information.

Information about each school are well organized.You can even call for a brochure.

• The phone numbers of each school are available in the e-book ( You can call to talk to their Registrar. After all International calls are as cheap as our intranational calls)

• The website (English Link) and email address and physical address of each school which you will surely need to get information about your application.

• The physical address which you can trace on Google Map. No virtual schooling.

The Pre Information/certificates/documents that are needed to start your application are all explained in the e-book.

You don’t just wake up one morning and say you want to travel to Sweden, Norway or Finland to start you Postgraduate degree without knowing these rudiments. No wonder many applications are rejected.

Why don’t you just chill out. Don’t rush. Get the pre information needed; work on the documents you don’t have . . . . . . . . Then you can start your proper application by following the guide in the e-book. This would be the beginning of you studying outside the country either through free tuition or scholarship.

Immediately your application is granted, it would now be easy to get your visa which presently last 10 days. Some of the schools provide accommodation and also allow work/study.

Another problem dealt with is the issue of language.

Thank God this is no more a barrier as the schools now allow English Language for International Students. You will be LECTURED and also take your exam in English.


I am giving out a 3 page report about the recruitment of an Essay company I’ve been working for in America for the past 4 years. They are presently recruiting writers who can handle academic term papers, assignment, thesis etc.

If you know you are capable, then this bonus is for you. Please No plagiarism. To make things easier, you can work from anywhere in the world and they pay bimonthly through bank transfer.

Are you ready to start your application for 2010?

This complete e-book would be available for purchase for a while. I guess I would have to increase the cost very soon because this is a 2 in 1 offer. I am teaching you how to fish and how to hunt. Jumbo offer: Job provision and education abroad. Less I forget. Buying this e-book automatically qualify you to get free multinational job vacancies in your email every week. ( Make sure you fill the mailing list below to enjoy this offer

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Benefits of getting the e-book

• Access to over 41 schools in Sweden with English Language link

• When to start your application and schools to choose

• Method of faxing your documents to avoid rejection

• List of supporting documentation

• Requirements for documents

• Format of verification exercise

• Visa application method

• Assessment and Notification of Selection results

• Living and studying in Sweden

• FAQs

• Details on the American Essay writing company

• ………….and lot more!

How much do you think this e-book would cost?

I have seen many people spend over N100,000 just to get this information from agents who will not even cover up to what am revealing to you.

If I say I would charge 20k, you have spent more than that on HYPIS (wonder banks).

I would offer the e-book for just N3,000 for couple of weeks before I change my mind to a better and higher price.

The e-book comes in 2 formats; Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word Document. Tell me the format you want and it would be sent to you.

Even if you don’t have a private system, you can call a cyber café attendant to download the attachment and print it out for you. It’s about 45 pages.


(Purchase Your Copy)

To make your payment for the e-book:

1. Pay N3,500 into GT Bank Account No: 2316890061590. Name: Ajayi Olamide

2. Text your name, email address and teller number to 08024666799 or mail greatmindng@yahoo.com with the title “payment details” and remember to include the format you want your e-book in.

3. Upon confirmation, your copy of the e-book will be forwarded to your email via attachment immediately.

4. For any enquiries, send mail to greatmindng@yahoo.com

Ajayi Ola’.

PS. If you are not ready to purchase now, don’t fill the mailing list.

PPS. Please do me a favor by sending testimonials to my mail greatmindng@yahoo.com about the wonder of the e-book. This would make me increase the price ASAP.

PPPS. I am not an agent. Everything discussed in the e-book can be handled by you. But if you need an agent. Remember to mail me if you get stocked at any points and I will put you through.

PPPPS. You will bear all traveling expenses yourself. No school will do that for you.

Rise up now, my fee is very low to what you will loose if you fail to act. Those that are billing 4.5million ($35,0000) tuition fee used to be free at a time.


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  1. collins donkor Says:

    how can i fill the forms for the scholarship?



  3. oko-bensa-agyekum kwabena Says:

    please i want to register online how do i do it

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