The Deadline is Fixed for Spring 2010 Application !

The Registration Portal is now opened to all Prospeective Candidates. Do not tarry,……start your application by getting to know your course of study. Choose 4 Courses of your choice for either BSC or Masters. The below Bachelors and Masters Courses are available in the following Swedish Universities For Spring 2010 Admission (Tuition Free): University of Boras, University of Gotherborg, Umea University, Stockholm University,Royal Institute of Technology, Malmo Univeristy, Lulea University and Halmstad University. ART Courses Media, Journalism and Global Studies (Masters) Clothing Pysiology ( BSC and M.A ) Finance/Administration Courses Thesis for Bachelors degree in Business Administration. (Bachelor) Thesis for Masters degree in Business Administration (Masters) One year Masters programme in Economics (Masters) Masters in Production Engineering and Management (2 Years) First degree in Statistics for Business and Economics Masters in Financial Business Valuation BSC International Relations Analysis of Financial Data (Masters) Computer Engineering/ Information Technology Courses Masters in Advanced Functional programme Masters in Algorithms Masters in Artificial Inteligence BSC in Computer Communications BSC in Databases Masters in Language-Based Security Masters in Software constraint Masters in Unix Internals. Masters in Advanced Graphix and Computer Application Advanced Data Models and systems (Masters) Information Technology and Its Applications ( 1st Degree) Masters in New Media Masters in Computer Network Engineering Maters in object oriented software development Masters in Interaction Design Masters in Parallel Computer Systems BSC Programming Languages Science Courses Advanced Studies in Chemistry (Masters) Analytical Chemistry ( 1st Degree) BSC Biochemistry Masters in Bio-organic Chemistry. Masters in Embodied Interaction Masters in Usability and User Experience Design Masters in Biotechnology in Forest Production. Masters in Biomedics Masters in Toxicology Masters in Laser Physics Masters Thesis: Food and Nutrition Engineering Courses Masters in Arctic Geocology International Masters Programme in Electronic Design Masters in Analytical Mechanics After you might have chosen your 4 courses, You have 3 steps to take: a. Online Application which involves personal details and course registration. b. Forwarding the Photocopies of your documents to the Education Board in Sweden (List of documents and address to forward the documents to are available in our manual) c. Awaiting Selection Result. Immediately your admissicon is confirmed, the selection result and other documents will be used by you in securing your VIsa. The next step is to start your application. There are 2 methods to this; 1. Do it yourself: We guide you through the processes by giving you a 45 page e-book titled \”Studying in Sweden\” its in PDF and Microsoft format. The e-book costs N3,500. Chicken change to what other people charge to give much information. We provide after support services during the application. If you are stucked at any point, send us a mail, and we put you through swiftly. 2. The Second option is to send your personal details and list of your courses to us. The registration will be done from our end and a link to monitor your portal would be sent to you. It takes us not more than 2 days to forward your cover letter and the list of documents to put in place. Immediately we are through with your online registartion, you will be given the link to print your confirmation page. This and other documents will be forwarded to the Sweden Address that would be mailed to you. This service costs N5,500. If your interested in Us doing the registration from our end, while forward the documents to Sweden, send the following details to after payment. Full Names as it appear on documents. Date of Birth Address Postal Address Phone numbers State and Country. List of your 4 courses. HOW DO YOU PAY? Have you decided what you want? Account Name: Ajayi Olamide Bank: GT Bank Acount Number: 2316890061590 If you are interested in getting the step by step e-book, pay N3,500 into the above account number and text your email address, teller number and if you want it in pdf or words to 07036216408. If you want us to do it for you, pay N5,500 into the above account number, send your email address, teller number to the email, then forward your personal details and courses to Contacts:, 07036216408. empowered to serve you better,. . . . . .swiftly !


7 Responses to “The Deadline is Fixed for Spring 2010 Application !”

  1. felix Says:

    Thank you Sir. I got the ebook last friday but my problem is how I get rid of exceptional string error on their page. Am thru wit the first part.

  2. naijastudy Says:

    Hello felix, the solution to the exception is on page 4 of the manual. Follow the instructions and continue your application

  3. felix Says:

    Thank you , i just did the reg and would forward my documents by ems.

  4. Bisi Says:

    I just paid now. Expecting it in

  5. gabriel Says:

    how am i sure that you guys are are not fraud stars,that is how someone asked me to send #3ooo to his send me navy pin and did not send the pin.if are not one of them send the manual to me then i send you money the money is no problem,but you know once bitten twice shy.

  6. naijastudy Says:

    I understand your fear Gabriel. Many Nigerians have destroyed our reputation online. Have been into different things online for the past 7 years and no negative feedback. The basic thing we resolve to is TRUST. immediately you pay, I forward ur manual. I also pray that all scammers got caught and jailed like Maddoff.

  7. naijastudy Says:

    For further clarification, call Ola on 07036216408

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